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Written and Produced by ErbnArt LLC

ErbnArt LLC is family-owned and operated small Black business, providing high-quality professional Visual Arts, Music, Podcasts, web and video logs.

Our goal is to share the ErbnArt perspective with the rest of America and to the world, in a way that accurately reflects the majesty of our African heritage outside and inside these United States, and our foundational input into the growth and development of America’s wealth and culture.

We Hate It Here is just a sliver of the perspective we wish to present. We invite you to explore our view in it’s entirety, if you feel you can handle that.

  1. The descendants of the Africans who were enslaved in and by America have never truly been, and can never truly be, Americans.
  2. It is therefore unwise and counterproductive for the descendants of the Africans who were enslaved in and by America to continuously invest our collective time, energy, resources, and faith into political and economic systems that were literally designed to oppress and exploit us specifically.
  3. Donald Trump is the President that America deserves.
We’re in the process of adapting the El Mina Academy Curriculum into a comprehensive k-12 program, which I’ll admit, is a lot more complicated than I thought, lmao. We hope you’ll evaluate our program when it is released on the We-hate-it-here.com 
Make America’s Government Accountable
Abolition, Reconstruction, Pan Africanism, Civil Rights, and Black Power.
5 separate movements to unify and organize Black people into political blocs to bring necessary change. 5 times the US government actively and deliberately dismantled those movements and murdered many of our leaders.
So tell me again pls how much our vote matters? I just love to hear you tell that story, smgdh.
This ain’t our country and these ain’t our people.
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