We Hate It Here

You can’t vote away racism.

Dummycrats and Retardicans are two wings on the same scavenging bald eagle. Look, if y’all wanna build a real Democracy, we gotta topple a few white-supremacist institutions. So come on. Let’s get it started.

America is in Decline…. Pass the Popcorn The ErbnArt PERSPECTIVE

This is the premier episode of the ErbnArt Perspective. Im still workin on production, bear with me.

We Hate It Here.

Obviously, the descendants of the Africans who were enslaved in and by America have never truly been, and can never truly be, Americans.

This shit has to stop.

If not now, then goddammit when?

 I don’t hear anyone else speaking my truth to the powers that be, so until someone else takes the responsibility out of my hands, I’ll do it myself.

Who Raised You People??

“My ancestors did not immigrate to this country. When people spew that insipid idea of America being a nation of immigrants it churls my stomach. I’m no immigrant. Neither I nor my antecedents chose willingly to conscript our entire lineage to the intended indignity of being designated Black in America. This circumstance was thrust upon me through no actions of my own.”

Mufuckas Never Loved Us

Our people get no protection under law, only police brutality and wrongful racially motivated mass incarceration. No adequate representation in government, only disempowering factitious liberalism, and belligerently bigoted conservative policy-making.

William & Megan James